“Honesty is the cornerstone of all success. Without honesty, confidence and ability to perform shall cease to exist.” 

– mary kay ash

shopkeep pos solutions

ShopKeep is a tablet-based, cloud-connected Point-of-Sale (POS) system you choose today that won’t become obsolete tomorrow.  ShopKeep is simple and smart, it’s intuitive and trusted and most of all it’s supportive of your day-to-day needs. The Back Office is accessible from home, office or on the road. This all-in-one  POS system makes it easier for you to manage inventory, track sales and profitability, market to customers, and monitor your employee schedules.

your workday just got easier

ShopKeep has not only proven to be easy to set up but also simple to use.  There is a  customer care specialist available 24/7/365  during business hours and after too.   The pricing is simple and most importantly affordable.  ShopKeep evolves with technology by using the cloud and at the same time offers robust back office reporting you would expect out of an expensive POS legacy system.


retail pos

Manage all of your inventory items so you know your top-selling items and which departments to expand.  Use the barcode printer & scanner to keep real-time track of inventory, even from your phone. Boost profits with ShopKeep’s granular reporting that will alert you when an item is low and breaks down your staff’s sales.   ShopKeep is ideal for boutiques, liquor stores, vape shops, pet stores, gift shops, candy stores and many more retail business stores.


restaurant | quick service pos

ShopKeep’s tailor-made restaurant features allow you to easily manage your business with complete control.  You can now create your most profitable menu by seeing your top-selling items and customize your register for a faster transaction experience.  Creating the perfect staff schedule is easy because ShopKeep tracks your peak hours and your top servers. It also manages your main ingredients and their modifiers triggers alerts when you are running low so you never run out!


stay connected with your customer

Reach more people.  ShopKeep makes it easy to capture your customer’s addresses and initiate an ongoing conversation.  Grow your email lists, market your business, bring customers back and see the real results by tracking your top customers.


restaurant | quick service pos

ShopKeep has the ability to save you time with robust, real-time reporting, on any device, anytime. Automatically tracking costs and profit margins at all of your item levels is simple.  ShopKeep makes it easy to manage inventory & staff, whatever the size.