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processing equipment

With the latest technology, you can complete a variety of transactions – sometimes anywhere, anyplace, anytime. Don’t miss out on sales with outdated equipment.

Let us match your processing needs with the right equipment.

stand alone terminals

The majority of store fronts use a stand-alone or countertop terminal to process PIN debit, signature debit, credit cards, gift cards and EBTs (Electronic Benefit Transfer a.k.a food stamps). These terminals are inexpensive and offer: Dual Communication; EMV (Chip & PIN) capabilities; internal PIN Pad, or support for external PIN pad; check readers, imagers and as other peripherals; PCI Compliance.


wireless TERMINALS

Wireless Terminals offer the features of the stand-alone terminal along with the on-the-go convenience of mobile technology. Wireless terminals have the advantage of a built-in printer over mobile terminals and allow merchants to process PIN debit, signature debit, EMV, credit cards and EBT for payment through a handheld device.


mobile devices

Mobile devices allow merchants to process credit card transactions through smart phones, iPods and tablets. Simply add a card reader (a.k.a. dongle) to your handset device, install an application from iTunes or the application marketplace, and you can accept face-to-face credit card transactions.